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Prophetic Assessment

The Prophetic Assessment is a 9-week prophetic development and training course designed to help believers clearly hear the voice of God. This course not only helps equip the saints

to hear from God but provides

fundamental training on how to accurately prophesy what is heard.


School of Prophets

The Prophetic Collective is dynamic 

equipping and mentoring for those called to the office of prophet. Our goal is to provide critical advanced training to help bring prophets into healthy alignment with the heart of the Father. The Prophetic Collective is designed to train, impart, and activate Prophets in their office. We will also equip them to walk powerfully and accurately in their gift from a healthy place.


Prophetic Eclectics

The Prophetic Eclectics is an invitation-only community of seasoned and mature prophets whose giftings have been tested and confirmed.

The mission of The Prophetic Eclectics is to bring proven prophetic voices together to the proverbial round table to share and release what heaven is speaking, regionally, and globally. 

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