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Prophecy is a gift given to the body by Holy Spirit for edification, and exhortation, and comfort. Every believer has access to this gift however, not every believer is a prophet.  

Prophetic Collective is a dynamic equipping and mentoring program for those called to the Office of Prophet.  This program provides advanced training to bring prophets into healthy alignment with the heart of the Father.


The mission of the Prophetic  Collective is to restore righteousness to the Office of the Prophet and our goal is to raise up Prophets who flow and operate from their identity as Sons and Daughters. Prophets whose words and lives will have a generational impact and change. 

This is a 12-month program, divided into 6-month terms. 

Over the course of the first 6 months, students will be mentored and discipled in the prophetic office while being equipped to walk with righteousness and confidence in their prophetic calling.  

The Prophetic Collective provides a space where emerging and established prophets can learn, be stretched, and sharpen their gifts. It's a community where they will be challenged to grow, not just in the prophetic gift but in their relationship with God, their theology, and eschatology. 

 It is a place where prophets can engage in community, dispelling the unbiblical lie that prophets walk alone and that the prophetic is a lonely call. Throughout the bible, scriptures show prophets were and are designed to operate in and from a healthy community.

Iron sharpens iron and prophets best develop their gifts when they walk with accountability and support.  

Classes will include - 

  • Advanced prophetic training 

  • Gift development

  • Character, Integrity, and Anointing as a Believer and Prophet

  • Understanding the role, responsibility, and authority of New Covenant Prophets.

  • Accountability and why it matters

  • Cultivating your unique prophetic expression

  • Activation Implementation

  • Question and Answer time

During the program, you will

  • be part of a healthy prophetic community 

  • be stretched in your gifting 

  • Experience deeper growth and maturity


The Prophetic Collective classes take place via zoom and classes are held twice monthly.  

Classes will be held on Tuesday mornings at 10 am PST and will begin in November 10, 2022.

*Please inquire for information regarding a pm class.


Collectives are limited to 10 students a term. Smaller classes allow us the opportunity to build and foster authentic community, healthy mentorship, and deeper growth. 

Students must meet the following Pre-Requisites:

Having completed The Prophetic Assessment Program

Having completed or are *currently enrolled in

Encounter School of Theology & Supernatural Living


*You are allowed to take STSL and The Prophetic Collective simultaneously. *Must be enrolled within 2 weeks of the start of TPC and proof of enrollment or completion of STSL will be required and verified.

The cost of The Prophetic Collective is  - $750 per term, you can pay in full or in 2 equal payments of $475.


To enroll in the Prophetic Collective, please complete the enrollment application. You will receive an email notifying you of your enrollment status within 48 hours.



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